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  • Do you want to have a closer relationship with God and hear His voice more clearly? 
  • Would you like to develop your prophetic gift and see journaling as a key? 
  • Do you ever have dreams or visions, encounters, or see symbols that you believe are from God?  
  • Would you like to have a place to store the promises God makes to you, so you can look back on them and celebrate when they are fulfilled?
  • Are you called to share your insights with the world?

If your answer is "yes" to any of the above questions, and you would like to take your prophetic journaling to the next level, I have created this course for you.

Here are my best tips and insights, along with downloadable templates to help you get started.

Suitable for beginners and for those further on in the journey, who would like to go to the next level.

Throughout this course, you will: 

  • Identify the ways journaling will help you develop your prophetic gift 
  • Refresh your journaling practice with new ideas, tools, and approaches 
  • Download and print templates to help you get started
  • Put into practice what you have learned and activate your gift
  • Access advanced content, to help you develop your prophetic gifts further
  • Hear my best tips to help you share your work with others

A note from Helen: 
“During the 1990s, I kept written accounts of the stories of how the Holy Spirit was moving in our lives. And I was compelled to write—the words tumbled out of my heart, and onto the pages. I also wrote about what I was learning in my Bible study, specifically about prayer, prophecy, and the move of the Holy Spirit.

For years, I wrote privately with pen and paper, filling exercise books with words I have never shared with others. I never dreamt that one day, I would send such writing out into the world to be read by so many. 

Perhaps, as I did, you have the call of God on your life. You know He has called you to share a prophetic message, or meet a need more widely, perhaps even through your gift of writing! But you don’t know how it will unfold. 

Prophetic journaling is one way to nurture and grow your gift. 

Journaling—whichever means you choose to record it—not only helps you identify God’s voice. It will also help you develop your ability to communicate.

Journaling fosters your close relationship with God. It encourages you to continue your “conversation” with Him. And a prophetic journal can also become a storehouse of great treasure to share with others. 

Journaling can also help you move towards the future God has for you. For in prophetic journaling, together with the Holy Spirit, you are crafting both a history and a map. 

Over time, prophetic journaling can break open your destiny. 
This, I know for sure, for I’ve experienced it myself."

This course includes a PDF copy of my book, "Prophetic Journaling: Create Your Treasury of Insights from God."

Plus, there is content that is not currently in the book, including:

  • Insights to help you interpret symbols
  • How to take your encounters and insights beyond the journal, to the next level, using them to exercise spiritual authority
  • Plus, for writers and content creators, I've added a valuable lesson with 9 tips on what I've learned about turning a private journal into a public word

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  • Once you enroll, you will have access to the complete course, including downloadable PDFs
  • You can study at your own pace with no deadlines

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Prophetic Minister and Founder, Enliven Ministries

Helen Calder

Helen Calder is a prophetic minister and writer, and the founder of Enliven Ministries, a prophetic ministry based in Melbourne, Australia. Helen has a unique gift of training and equipping and is known for Enliven Blog, an online prophetic training and mentoring resource. Prophetic ministry and discernment are Helen's specialist areas of teaching. This has been fuelled by decades of study as well as personal experience, making her approach authentic and practical, as well as biblical.

Course Contents

  • 41 Videos

  • 18 PDFs

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Prophetic Journaling short course

    • Before we begin: My welcome and PDF instructions to help you make the most of this course

    • I welcome you to the course ~ and where I began

    • What is prophetic journaling? A simple definition, and some powerful benefits

  • 2

    1: Gather the Manna! God has an Abundance for You

    • 4 faith-building keys as you start the journey, from the manna story

  • 3

    2: How Journaling can Sharpen Your Prophetic Gift

    • 12 ways prophetic journaling sharpens your prophetic gift - it's an essential tool!

  • 4

    3: My Best Tip for Prophetic Journaling

    • Here's my best tip for prophetic journaling, and how I action it personally

  • 5

    4: Ideas for Journaling Tools and Media

    • Ideas for tools and media to use for your prophetic journaling

  • 6

    5: Ask Questions in Prophetic Journaling

    • "Seek My presence as well as My power" - the power of your conversation with God

  • 7

    6: The Surprising Strength of “Prayer Journaling”

    • How "prayer journaling" can help activate your prophetic gift + try it out

    • Prophetic Journaling Template ~ Prayer Journaling

  • 8

    7: How to Receive a Prophetic Word for a New Chapter

    • How to receive a word (or phrase) from God for a season, and how it can be powerful (our story)

    • Prophetic Journaling Template ~ Word for a Season

  • 9

    8: Your Key to the Greatest Treasure in Journaling

    • Rekindling your love for the Bible: You are called to be a treasure hunter!

    • How to try "SOAP" journaling: Its prophetic power and limitations

    • Prophetic Journaling Template ~ SOAP

  • 10

    9: Let the Holy Spirit be Your Writing Tutor

    • Journaling in partnership with the Holy Spirit ~ the "sweet spot"

    • The difference between plain and symbolic revelation ~ and why does the Holy Spirit speak to us in unusual ways?

    • PDF: Tips from my prophetic process for interpreting numbers and colors (visions, dreams, impressions)

  • 11

    Take your prophetic encounter journal to the next level (Course only!)

    • Introduction: Take your prophetic encounter journal to the next level

    • 4 Ways to Take Your Journal to the Next Level ~ and grow in spiritual authority

    • PDF (video transcript) 4 ways to take your prophetic encounter journal to the next level

    • Prophetic Journaling Template ~ Encounter Next Level

  • 12

    10: How Prophetic Journaling Can Break Open Your Destiny + Wrap Up

    • Prophetic journaling can help break open your destiny

    • The Holy Spirit is awakening dormant seeds of creativity!

    • I read from my prophetic journal and make a declaration over you (gold!)

    • Questions for Reflection - Prophetic Journaling

    • I close and pray for you

  • 13

    For those who are turning a prophetic journal into a public post (Course only!)

    • My 9 tips to turn a prophetic journal into a public word

    • Thought from a prophetic blogger: How do I know what to blog about (when to release a prophetic word publicly)

    • (PDF) My 9 Tips for Turning a Prophetic Journal into a Public Post + How Do I Know What to Write About?

  • 14

    Complete Book: Prophetic Journaling: Create Your Treasury

    • Prophetic Journaling: Create Your Treasury of Insights from God (85 page PDF eBook with many creative journaling ideas)