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Join me on a worship-based journey of spiritual renewal—one in which we can champion one another! 

Now includes the complete eBook: "The Prophetic Worship Journey: Encounter God, pass it on".

Throughout this course, you will: 

  • Learn biblical insights about prophetic worship—and discover the power of encountering God in your personal worship times
  • Discover the power of prophetic praise, and how to engage, even when you don’t “feel” like it 
  • Receive tips on how you can personally move with the Holy Spirit’s anointing in your gifts 
  • Learn about prophetic journaling—with valuable tips to help you get started
  • Hear life-giving stories about encounters and renewal
  • Includes a "Prophetic Flow" PDF with tips and insights to operate in the prophetic in worship
  • Discover keys to becoming unstuck in your creative gifts

While you study, be encouraged by prophetic words, and grace-filled insights.

This course is rich in biblical teaching, with a complete transcript and reflection points to engage in your own personal times with God.

Helen says, “I passionately believe prophetic worship is a key to revival.
And while this course contains powerful teaching, it is also born out of a personal journey. One that flowed out of our revival history and our life-changing encounters with God.

For decades, I lived and dreamed of ministry in worship—from the age of 13, when I first joined my church worship team, with my vocals and violin!
My husband Malcolm and I met through worship—and ministering in music was a constant part of our life together.
But when we moved to Australia, this changed when I could no longer sing due to an ongoing health condition.
Yet through this painful time, God called me to prayer leadership, and to become the prophetic minister I am today.

Now, I’ve come to realize that our worship identity remains an essential part of us.

It is a gift and identity that I’ve rediscovered, with delight—away from the stage and in the secret place. And it’s  from this fresh anointing that I’m thrilled to share with you."

With optional access to a private Facebook group for more exclusive content and sharing.

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Prophetic Minister and Founder, Enliven Ministries

Helen Calder

Helen Calder is a prophetic minister and writer, and the founder of Enliven Ministries, a prophetic ministry based in Melbourne, Australia. Helen has a unique gift of training and equipping and is known for Enliven Blog, an online prophetic training and mentoring resource. Prophetic ministry and discernment are Helen's specialist areas of teaching. This has been fuelled by decades of study as well as personal experience, making her approach authentic and practical, as well as biblical.

Course Contents

  • 41 Videos

  • 18 PDFs

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Prophetic Worship & Creative School

    • Before we begin: Here are PDF instructions about entering the course, along with the link to join our private Facebook group

    • God is calling to His hidden worshippers, writers and creatives!

    • Why I’ve created this course: my passion and where it all began

    • Prophetic Worship is 100/100!

  • 2

    Prophetic Worship: Your invitation to encounter God

    • My story: how a worship song heralded a new era of encounter

    • Your prophetic worship journey ~ the ripple effects of your encounter with God will touch many!

    • How prophetic worship leads to intimacy and holiness

    • Discover why God's highest purpose for your worship is encounter

    • A quick Biblical overview of prophetic worship ~ paradigm shifting!

    • 7 windows of prophecy and instrumentation in the Bible - which inspires you?

    • Questions for Reflection - Your invitation to prophetic worship

  • 3

    Prophetic Praise: Receive your glory garment!

    • My story: How God called me to praise and the miracle happened!

    • 4 times praise releases breakthrough - amazing Bible stories

    • This is how you can praise God when you don't feel like it

    • 3 ways to spontaneously praise God ~ I demonstrate!

    • Receive your glory garment! I share a prophetic word

    • Questions for Reflection - Prophetic praise

  • 4

    The Spirit's Anointing: You are His Vessel

    • My Story: How ministering in the Holy Spirit's anointing became my life's calling

    • 3 ways to receive a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit

    • 3 principles of experiencing God's power

    • 11 tips on how to participate with God's power in your gift

    • You are His power "conductor"

    • Questions for Reflection - The Spirit's Anointing

    • You are anointed for a purpose + a prophetic vision of a mantle that changed my perspective!

  • 5

    Be Transformed Through Soaking Worship

    • The power of your thirst for God

    • My story: God rescued me and refilled me with His Spirit

    • What is soaking worship?

    • 5 benefits of soaking worship

    • Is stillness difficult? Here's a grace word for you!

    • Questions for Reflection - Soaking worship

  • 6

    Introducing Prophetic Journaling

    • Dormant seeds of creativity are coming to life!

    • How prophetic journaling sharpens your prophetic gift

    • Tips for prophetic journaling

    • Prophetic journaling - ideas for tools and media

    • "Seek My presence as well as My power" - the power of your conversation with God

    • Questions for Reflection - Prophetic Journaling

  • 7

    The Spirit is Awakening Your Creative Gifts

    • "Beloved, join in the dance again!"

    • God is anointing your creativity

    • A glimpse into God's design and artwork

    • "Scribble Pad": How to break out of perfectionism and create!

    • Questions for Reflection - Your Creative Gifts

  • 8

    Course Transcript

    • Complete Course Transcript - Prophetic Worship + Creativity (updated 5th August)

  • 9

    Complete Book: The Prophetic Worship Journey

    • The Prophetic Worship Journey: Encounter God, pass it on (contains content that is not in the course!)

  • 10

    Bonus: Prophetic Journaling: Create Your Treasury (until 30 June 2023)

    • Prophetic Journaling: Create Your Treasury of Insights from God (85 page PDF eBook with many creative journaling ideas)

  • 11

    Bonus Content

    • Prophetic flow: (examples of how the Holy Spirit leads in a worship context) 10 page PDF excerpt from the above complete book)

    • An example of a prophetic song I wrote: "Let Your Love be Seen" ~ manuscript in my own handwriting