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Welcome to the Enliven Ministries School of Prophetic Prayer!

  • Would you like to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit in the context of prayer?
  • Does the thought of being empowered in prophetic prayer stir you?
  • Do you believe God has called you to be a prophetic intercessor (or prayer warrior), and could benefit from some teaching and help?

My aim in developing this course is to provide a Biblical foundation for prophetic prayer, practical insights and a whole lot of inspiration to help you move forward in prophetic prayer and intercession.

News! I am currently adding a class on "The Watchman Intercessor". If you can relate to being a discerner-intercessor this section is especially for you.

In this Prayer School, I share personal stories about my own experiences, joys and challenges along the way.

When I began to experience the anointing of the Holy Spirit for prayer 20 years ago, I did not know how to navigate many of the encounters with God I was having. 

  • I saw miracles and breakthrough in answer to prayer, but I also made mistakes, and had a lot of growth pain as a prophetic intercessor!

Since then I have been a prayer leader, have been a minister on a prophetic team, and by God's grace have developed in ministry as a prophetic writer and teacher. Now I'm passionate about helping others on the same journey I've been on.

Scroll through the topics in the course content below, to see what is currently on the prayer school.

In addition to the lessons, you can ask me questions on the discussion board and we will journey together!

  • This school is currently under development, so keep an eye out for future topics.

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Prophetic Minister and Founder, Enliven Ministries

Helen Calder

Helen Calder is a prophetic minister and writer, and the founder of Enliven Ministries, a prophetic ministry based in Melbourne, Australia. Helen has a unique gift of training and equipping and is known for Enliven Blog, an online prophetic training and mentoring resource. Prophetic ministry and discernment are Helen's specialist areas of teaching. This has been fuelled by decades of study as well as personal experience, making her approach authentic and practical, as well as Biblical. For more information on Helen Calder, visit our Enliven Ministries site.

Course Contents

  • 41 Videos

  • 18 PDFs

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Building Blocks of Prophetic Prayer

    • Contexts of Prophetic Prayer

    • Prophetic prayer and your identity: how they are locked together. I share a part of my story and make some declarations over you.

    • 5 Characteristics of prophetic prayer. Here are some common features of prophetic prayer - which do you identify with?

    • 6 Benefits of Prophetic Prayer. Be inspired by these powerful reasons to pray with prophetic insight from the Holy Spirit.

  • 2

    Introducing Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

    • What is the 'fellowship of the Holy Spirit'? Here are some keys to intimacy with the Holy Spirit and insights from 2 Cor 13:14

    • Fellowship of the Holy Spirit ~ video transcript & questions for reflection

  • 3

    The Gift and Ministry of Prophetic Intercession

    • Introducing Prophetic Intercession: 'The prophetic intercessor becomes the vessel through whom the Spirit Himself prays'

    • 17 signs you may be a prophetic intercessor

    • The Prophet - Intercessor: Here are 6 traits, or signs, that someone is an intercessor and also is operating in the office of the prophet

    • My story, anointed for prophetic intercession

    • My story, trials of prophetic intercession

    • Is this experience or encounter a sign I have a spiritual gift? Here are 5 traits to help you

  • 4

    Empowering The Watchman Intercessor

    • Introducing the Watchman Intercessor Classes

    • Watchman Intercessor, receive joy!

    • 01 How the Watchman Intercessors are God's heavenly "alert" system

    • A recent example from my own "watchman" experience

    • 02 Signs you may be a Watchman Intercessor: which of these twelve signs do you relate to?

    • 03 Six Purposes of the Watchman Intercessor in Bible Times (and how they relate to us!)

    • 04 How to Have an Anointed Watchman Ministry Pt 1

    • 05 How to Have an Anointed Watchman Ministry - Pt 2 ~ anointing flows as you watch for God

  • 5

    How to Prevent and Recover from Depletion in Prayer

    • Part 1: Causes of Dryness and Depletion in the Intercessor

    • Part 2: Ten Keys to Being Replenished as an Intercessor

    • Receiving Prayer: How to stay filled with the Holy Spirit through soaking prayer

    • Receiving (Soaking) Prayer: Video Transcript, Scriptures and Ideas for Activation

  • 6

    How to Birth Your Prophecy Through Prayer

    • Partner your prophecy or prophetic insight with prayer to bring it to birth ~ praying for yourself or others (Pt 1)

    • Birth your prophetic insight with prayer (Pt 2) ~ here are 5 ways to partner prophecy with prayer.

    • How to birth your prophecy through prayer - video transcript notes and questions for reflection

  • 7

    Angels, Signs and Encounters

    • Introducing the topic of angels and encounters

    • Kingdom Awareness: Be conscious of God's Presence, the angelic realm & Heaven's resources - includes prayer and impartation

    • The Shoehorn: Your royal birth is the key to participating in the realm of God's Kingdom. A miracle story of provision - and I pray for you.

    • Signs and symbols as you pray: this is what has been happening recently - encouragement for your own encounters with God - and I pray for you

    • Why weighing up all kinds of prophetic insights and encounters is powerful! This is one of my most valuable messages. (Pt 1/2)

    • The significance of weighing up prophetic and angelic encounters (Pt 2/2) If you've experienced intimidation from observing others' powerful gifts, #5 will set you free!

  • 8

    Praying the Mysteries of Heaven

    • The power of receiving revelation ~ & how one small insight can make a powerful difference

    • Introducing tongues: what is the gift of tongues? I share how I received this gift myself and conclude by praying in tongues for you.

    • 4 benefits of praying in tongues: here are 4 reasons why praying in tongues is powerful, and I share a story of how praying in tongues broke open a miracle for my family.

    • Magnetic Prayer: You can draw on Heaven in prayer for what God is doing 'now'

  • 9

    The Travail of the Holy Spirit

    • Q1: Why do some intercessors experience physical manifestations of travail (such as groaning, sighing, or weeping in prayer)?

    • Q2: What is the travail of the Spirit in prayer, and what are the benefits of this type of prayer?

    • Q3: What has been your own experience of prophetic travail? (Some of my story)

    • Q4: What if personal emotions are involved - does this help or hinder prophetic travail?

    • Q5: Can I experience this type of prayer if I have no personal feelings about the person or issue?

    • Q6: What can I do when I'm in a public meeting and I feel travail in the Spirit?

    • Q7: How can I share with others what is happening? Also, I pray for you and release an impartation.

    • Video Transcript: The Travail of the Holy Spirit (Prophetic Travail)

  • 10

    Kingdom: Learn Keys to Exercising Authority in Prophetic Prayer

    • Prophetic Decrees Pt 1: Learn what a prophetic decree is and be inspired by decrees in the book of Esther

    • Prophetic Decrees Pt 2: Release Heavenly resources through prophetic decree! Decree blessing. The power of binding and loosing.

    • Prophetic Decree transcript notes with links to more resources

  • 11

    How to Grow in Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

    • Communication with the Holy Spirit: seek to build this foundation and you can grow in power, accuracy and authority.

    • Conversation with the Holy Spirit: is it Biblical? Here are 4 keys to help you grow in the area of relating to the Spirit

    • Keys to non-verbal communication with the Holy Spirit (Pt 1)

    • Keys to non-verbal communication with the Holy Spirit (Pt 2) with impartation

    • What if I get it wrong? Be encouraged by the grace of God as you stay in step with the Holy Spirit

    • Communication with the Holy Spirit: Complete video transcript (PDF) on this topic

  • 12

    FINALE: Be an Echo

    • This is the power of prophetic prayer; and this is how your prayer will release a move of God!

  • 13

    Bonus Study: Your Devotional Space

    • Introducing Devotional Spaces: Wherever you are on the journey, you can discover your best time and space to encounter God.

    • Devotional Spaces Questionnaire: explore the places and times you best connect with God by completing this worksheet

  • 14

    Bonus eBooks

    • Deeper: 6 Ways to Grow in Intimacy with God and His Word (downloadable eBook)

    • Deeper Workbook for printing and journaling

    • Prophetic Dreams: 4 Keys to the Dream Life You Hunger For (Bonus Mini-eBook)

  • 15

    Course Transcript

    • The Prophetic Prayer School: Complete Course Transcript (A4)